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Personalized Suggestions via Google Maps 'For You'

No one knows you like Google. So trust Google to always have the best recommendations for stuff you like, all tailored to your tastes.

In the past, Google Maps restaurant recommendations were based mostly on stuff other people in your area liked, (popular/trending diners or coffee shops, new shop openings near your house), but soon you'll be able to get personalized suggestions via Google Maps 'For You' tab for foods you like to eat and places you want to visit.

Google I/O

It's not just about food, Google Maps 'For You' will also suggest things you might like to do locally (based on previous places you've visited or things you've searched for) including book club readings, local music festivals, craft fairs etc.

To make the most of this new Google Maps 'For You' feature, you'll want to enable location tracking and rate places via 'discover places you'll love' in app. In this way, Google Maps will better learn your preferences for food and events and can serve up more of what you want later.

Personalized Suggestions via Google Maps 'For You'
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