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How to Keep Your Computer Safe from Viruses

Your computer can get easily infected with a virus if you don't use proper protection.

Here's how to prevent from getting infected

Keep Backups
Keep always two or more copies of your files to another offline device, to prevent losing them in case the recovery from a virus it's not possible.

Do not download softwares from unofficial sources
Try to download everything via official sources. In some cases, we have to complete a simple form to download something, and i admit sometimes it's very annoying but it's better to spend one min completing the form in order to download a clean file, than downloading it directly in two steps from some random sources and getting infected.

Check for updates often
Keep everything updated. Check for updates regularly of every software/app you use daily.

Make sure the firewall is always on and updated. If you're not familiar with firewalls, you can download one like comodo which is easy to setup and doesn't require technical knowledge to set it up.

Keep your antivirus updated. Remember, don't hold 100% onto antivirus, having an antivirus installed doesn't mean that you're 100% safe, and you'll never get infected.

Don't download/open email attachments
If you ever get a message that contains a file from someone you don't know, don't open it, mark that email as spam so it never reaches you again.

Run softwares/browser through sandboxie
Sanboxie it's a software that will isolate softwares from making changes to your system, in short, even if the software that you were running through sandboxie was infected, it won't be able to make changes on your system as it's running on a virtual environment.

Use Adblockers
Make sure you've an adblocker installed on your browser to block spammy and malwaretising sites while you're browsing online. You can either use adblocker or ublock origin, both works great.

Avoid sites like :

  • Your browser is outdated click here to upgrade it
  • You are the lucky visitor for today, click here to claim your gift
  • Your computer is running slow, click here to speed it up
  • And any other thing that sounds too good to be true.
How to Keep Your Computer Safe from Viruses
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