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Gmail gets new design, Activate it now

Google has released the new design of its email service Gmail. The new design seems to be clean and user friendly.

New features:

Snooze Messages
You can now snooze your messages, if you don't have time to reply to an email simply snooze it, and google will remind you about it later.

Download attachments with one click
This is another new feature on gmail, it allows you to download email attachments without opening the email first. It is really a time saver feature.

Confidential Mode
This feature let's you send emails with an expiration date, select confidential mode before sending a new email and set the date when the email gets expired.

Vertical bar
You can now access calendar, add new tasks, and integrate third party apps via the vertical bar without having to leave gmail.

How to activate the new design?
Login to your gmail account, then at the top right click to the gear icon and select "Try the new gmail". You can also switch back to the old design again in case you're having issues, simply click the gear icon and click "Go back to classic gmail"

Gmail gets new design, Activate it now
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