How to Create forms for free with Google Forms


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What you need?

Google Account

Creating forms with Google forms is very easy, and simple to do, all you need to have to start making forms is a google account. You can either make your own template from scratch, or you can pick one from their template gallery as they have some really nice templates.

Step 1 - Login to Google Forms with your google account

Step 2 - Start making your Form

Click to + button, then click to "Untitled form" and set the name of your form, on the right side of your form you'll see 5 buttons,one for adding questions, Title and Description, Image, Video and section. Let's go a bit more into details and explain what each button does.


Question button - Allows you to add : Short answers, Paragraph, Drop down box, Checkboxes, File Upload and more.

Title and Description - Description that explains more what you're requiring from your clients.

Image - Example : adding demo images of your products.

Video - Add video demo.

Section - Allows you to add new sections

Let's say you're trying to collect only emails from your form, then you'll need to add only one question named "Email", that means your clients will be asked to put only email to your form.

Step 3 - Send the form to your clients

After creating your form, click on send button at top right, google allows you to send your form to your clients in three different ways, via email, via link, or via embed code if you want to collect the information directly from your website.


Once they submit something on your forms, the data will appear on your google forms homepage under responses.