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Argumented Reality vs Virtual Reality

The highlights:

Augmented Reality:

Enhances rather than replaces reality
Meshes physical (real) with digital world
Wearable tech or app based delivery
Huge growth potential for start ups and investors

Virtual Reality:

Replaces the user's reality with a virtual world
100% generated world, not based on reality
Overlays data onto the user's reality
Examples include virtual reality games
Wearable goggles for delivery

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality apps and technology enhance rather than replace user real world experience.

Augmented reality fuses digital and physical experiences, meshing the real and digital and interjecting objects into the user's experience.

The user stays in the 'real world' rather than entering a fantasy world.

Some augmented reality is delivered via special glasses or wearables while others are used in app on a mobile device.

Examples of app based augmented reality technology:

Sephora Virutal Artist - try on a new face, experiment with cosmetics via app
Ikea place - arrange your Ikea furniture in a virtual room and see how it will look before you buy.
Pokemon Go App - produced $1 billion in mobile augmented reality sales

The future of Augmented Reality

The augmented reality market is expected to burgeon at $83 billion dollars versus $23 billion for virtual reality.

Augmented reality start-ups, a good investment

$2.3 billion invested into augmented reality tech in 2016

What's next for augmented reality via wearable tech?

Machine vision for the human eyes
Enhancing human vision with overlays
Visual search of environment (mapping)
Tagging of objects/places
Implantable tech

Virtual Reality

While augmented reality seeks to enhance the user's experience, adding value to the real life, virtual reality seeks to replace it with a fake or digitially generated world. Think of virtual reality as a movie screen you can experience as your world. Wearable tech such as VR goggles make it possible for the user of virtual reality can interact with non-existant scenescapes such as golf course, beach, even virtual pets.

An immersive environment that engages the eyes, ears and sometimes touch.

What is the future of Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality has been a trendy term since the early 90's in the infancy of the internet thanks to sci-fi shows and movies. But only recently was it even possible to immerse one's self into the fake digital world.

Future tense, Virtual Reality may be used in a more practical, (less game oriented) sense, such as virtual classrooms or business meetings for telecommuting or remote workers.

Examples of VR related tech

Oculus Rift
HTC Hive
PlayStation VR

Though virtual reality devices are most commonly used now for entertainment, in the future they may have more relevant and meaningful use such as training a military pilot or letting a paralyzed patient experience a world they can no longer walk in.

Argumented Reality vs Virtual Reality
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