10 Best Linux Web Hosting Providers

Looking for a hosting provider to host your website? Here is the list of top 10 best Linux Web Hosting Providers.  We hope you find the right hosting plan that meets your needs.

1) Bluehost

Present in the website hosting market for already 15 years now, Bluehost revolutionized the way that its users host their sites in the world wide web. Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites, and a dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you in any way needed, whether you're just getting started to host your site for the first time ever, or if you are already a long time customer needing help with doubts and questions that can eventually pop up. In addition, the cloud hosting services offered also meet your data backup needs. But hurry, prices are currently in a limited time offer, meaning you can start hosting you site for $3,95 per month, including free domain and SSL!

2) DigitalOcean

The most streamlined and efficient cloud platform for both teams and individual developers is without doubt DigitalOcean. Various innovative corporations and businesses have placed their trust in DigitalOcean's services, such as Docker, GitLab, Slacker, HashiCorp, Wework, and Splunk, for example. DigitalOcean enables you to deploy ''Droplets'' (as they call virtual machines) in very few seconds from the control panel, CLI or directly with the API. Data centers are scattered across 12 regions world wide. You may also want to take a look at the ''Spaces'' plan, for simple content storage, and block storage for scalable volumes. Standard Droplet plans are available starting at $5 per month, the same for ''Spaces''; while block storage starts from $0.10 per GB, per month.

3) Namecheap

Namecheap offers a wide variety of domains that are registered and have been used in the past, but are currently for sale. This means that besides the ''.com'' domains, you will also be able to find ''.net'', ''.us'', and beyond, even including a personalized ''.me'' domain! Once you have selected your favorite domain, you will have a nice surprise as you discover that the basic shared hosting plan is at $2.88 per month, and VPS hosting is currently with a special price, was $19.88 and now lowered to $14.88.

4) DreamHost

Not only does Dreamhost offer the most attractive and competitive prices, but when choosing Dreamhost to host your website, there is even a website builder tool available!

With Remixer, customize the themes, colors, fonts and edit the images you will be using in the site with the extremely creative filters, and also resize, crop, and rotate them. Here's the best: Shared hosting starting at $2.59 per month, and VPS starting at $13.75 per month, especially flexible with Linux's Ubuntu.

5) HostGator

If you need just one reason to pick Hostgator as your website hosting company, then keep in mind that Hostgator has received awards from Hosting Advice, PC Mag and Wpbeginner.

At Hostgator, you can easily transfer your domain from a previous hosting company and it will be optimized for the best performance possible in Hostgator's platform. To go together with your chosen domain plan, many important tools are available as well, being those: CodeGuard for data backup and restoration, SiteLock for protection from viruses and malware, the complete G-suite package, and Domain Privacy to protect your site's registration information.

6) InmotionHosting

If you are seeking a web hosting company with pure and simple reliability, InmotionHosting is an expert. InmotionHosting's data centers comply with PCI standards, and are Category ''A''. Using Smart Routing technology, DDoS protection and bandwidth providers of premium quality, the company boasts a rate of 99.999% network uptime. The ''Better Business Bureau'', a major consumer protection agency in North America, awarded InmotionHosting's service with a rating of A+. And outstanding service is the reason too, for being certified and highly rated by CNET continuously in the last 15 years. All plans are currently with great deals in this Cyber Week, discounts ranging from 19% to 45% off regular prices.

7) Ovh

A global provider specializing in cloud service, Ovh has private and public cloud solutions, with dedicated servers, along with network and security solutions for your needs. Ovh's network around the globe has the tremendous capacity of 12 Tbps (terabytes per second), together with 33 points of presence spread around 138 countries in the world. These dedicated servers dispose of DDoS attack mitigation, which is automatically enabled when needed, proactive and permanent rules for mitigation, and a robust, highly secured firewall network. What's more, Ovh has bonuses for referral and renewal when you become a Ovh cloud partner.

8) Vultr

Looking for the most complete infrastructure in cloud servers and cloud hosting? Then look no further than Vultr, providing great reliability and worldwide coverage using a 100% SSD storage platform. In terms of performance, Vultr has amazing benchmark results in both memory and CPU. For Ubuntu, Vultr has highly performing servers in 16 locations all around the world. However, we must not forget the prices, amazingly affordable; Block storage and cloud compute plans start at as little as $1.00 and $2.50 respectively; Moreover, activation takes place rapidly in a matter of minutes, and Service Level Agreement will guarantee 100% uptime.

9) Linode

Linode is the ultimate expert when it comes to SSD cloud hosting and Linux servers. With Linode, your Linux virtual server will be up and running in seconds! The whole process is integrated in the Linode Manager control panel, where you can clone, deploy, resize and boot quick and easy. And if you're out of access from your network, the Linode Shell, or ''Lish'', provides you connection to your server's console. Plans are priced starting from $5 per month; The RAM, Storage, Transfer, and CPU rates are all bundled into the prices of both standard and high memory plans.

10) Virmach

Count on Virmach, offering simply the best in Linux VPS plans. Virmach's extremely talented team provides support and help with any issue, be they hardware issues, network problems or other technical questions and configurations. Simply put, Virmach has the most value and the ultimate, unbeatable price: Having a memory size of 512 MB, 2 CPU vCore, 20GB of disk space, bandwidth of 500GB rated at 1GBps, DDoS Protection and Raid 10 SSD, this Linux VPS plan has the incredible price of only $2.25 per month!

Host Pricing Free Domain Bandwidth Uptime Link
Bluehost $3.95/month FREE Unlimited 99.99% Sign Up
DigitalOcean $5/month No 1TB 99.99% Sign Up
Namecheap $2.88/month FREE Unlimited 99.99% Sign Up
Vultr $2.50/month No 500GB 99.99% Sign Up
Virmach $2.25/month No 500GB 99.99% Sign Up
Linode $5/month No 1TB 99.99% Sign Up
Dreamhost $2.59/month FREE Unlimited 99.99% Sign Up
HostGator $2.75/month No Unlimited 99.99% Sign Up
InmotionHosting $6.39/month FREE Unlimited 99.99% Sign Up
Ovh $3.35/month No Unlimited 99.99% Sign Up


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